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When you think of Tampa, Florida, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it hand-rolled cigars? How about culture and art? Maybe you think of the city’s two international airports. Some of you probably thought of their NFL football team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Being one of the most diverse cities in Florida, Tampa fully embraces it’s Spanish and Italian heritage. With beautiful vistas of the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, there is no wonder why the cities population has exploded since the 1960s. As we know, with population growth comes the need for services like finance, commerce, and healthcare. Within these services are supporting services, which include IT.

Since the partnership with CompuTech City, Medicus IT has helped bolster its resources to provide broader, more efficient healthcare IT solutions in Tampa, Florida, and the Southeast. Our growth and dedication to our clients have cemented our position in the top five Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the nation. With more than fifteen years of experience servicing over 1,000 locations and 20,000 endpoints, Medicus IT has the experience and expertise required to take care of any practice.

The unique approach we have developed starts with listening to our clients, which allows us to determine what your practice needs and where you want your practice to go. We then design and create IT solutions around these goals. Our solutions include powerful cybersecurity, custom infrastructure, and network designs, and tailor-made scripts written for your specific practice needs. We do everything with HIPAA at the forefront of our designs. Every person in our building maintains yearly HIPAA compliance training to ensure we stay up to date on the rules and regulations to ensure your practice will remain compliant and your patient’s data, secure.

Do you live in the Tampa area? Are you satisfied with your MSP? When was the last time you had a network assessment? They are required once a year by HIPAA, so if you haven’t had one in a while, it might be time. You’re in luck because we offer a free network assessment to determine any gaps in your HIPAA compliance. Reach out to us today, so we can start planning for the future of your practice. “We do IT Right” so that you can do what you do best: take care of your patients.




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