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Congratulations! You have just found the highest quality Healthcare IT in Alpharetta, Medicus!  Whether you are concerned about HIPAA security and compliance, or you need help with application integration from third party vendors Medicus can help. Our highly trained team of experts are ready, willing and able to assist you. IT support for the medical field is a highly specialized proposition, you don’t want to let that responsibility  be handled by just anyone. Release of patient information, whether inadvertent or not can result in major liability and regulatory issues for your practice. In addition to HIPAA security and compliance and application integration, we are also adept at risk assessment and day-to-day maintenance as well. We will also give you a comprehensive monthly report detailing any occurrence’s and how they have been dealt with by Medicus.

Medicus has the experience to guarantee that your HIPAA security and compliance is up to date, making you as difficult a target as possible for hackers. At Medicus we understand the Healthcare IT environment in Alpharetta and we know what it takes to keep your patient information safe. We will ensure your office runs smoothly and efficiently by seamless application integration of any third party software products you are using in your medical office. Manual conversion of patient data is clumsy and results in increased errors and greater risk of mistakes. We will make sure all of your software products talk to each other and that the transfer data is as painless and error free as possible!

Healthcare IT in Alpharetta presents some unique challenges but with Medicus you will have 24/7 support and a team of highly trained professionals on your side. Another benefit to using Medicus is that we will complete a preliminary risk assessment that shows weaknesses in data and website security and concrete suggestions for how those risks should be mitigated. Don’t leave your patient data helpless and exposed! Let Medicus keep your data safe and secure, call today for your initial assessment!


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