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Medicus IT is your go to expert in Atlanta for IT support services. Are you a medical practice that is looking for healthcare IT solution or state of the art HIPAA security solution? Medicus IT is the answer!  We are a comprehensive cybersecurity company that maintains the highest integrity and confidentiality for your patient’s medical records to remain HIPAA compliant.  Let Medicus IT support services be your IT department.  Medical practices are not the same across the board and we recognize this and work with you to create a customized medical IT infrastructure.  What’s your back up and disaster recovery plan? Don’t have one? Let Medicus’ team of experts develop one for you, to keep your office operating no matter what happens!

We are proactive in addressing our client’s IT needs, Medicus IT support services Atlanta’s customers are cared for by a core staff of trained experts, who provide day to day IT support, are fluent in all things HIPAA related, provide 24-hour support, 365 days a year and are adept cybersecurity officers.

What does a proactive approach look like? It means we consult and create an IT plan for the organization as a whole. We integrate ourselves by becoming part of the management team to learn what the organizations initiative are and set the course for growth.

With our HIPAA security solution, we are enforcing password policies and controlling remote access. Medicus IT does a complete security audit to determine weak spots and assists in creating and implementing policies to address all security concerns.

Medicus IT comprehends the delicate situations that pertain to IT support services in the Atlanta area, that medical practices call for; we are extremely knowledgeable and well versed in all HIPAA rules and regulations. Our HIPAA security solutions defend patient information from all forms of data breaches and potential liability issues.  We know your practice faces liability issues and we offer a free analysis of your network to locate potential weaknesses.  A breach of any kind is always lurking, but patients need to know that your practice is doing everything possible to keep their information safe!  Don’t fall victim like over 14 thousand other networks did last year. Stay HIPAA compliant!

Back up and Disaster recovery along with a HIPAA Security solution is critical to your overall cybersecurity. Medicus IT support services can take care of all of it for you as your IT department. Allow us the privilege of keeping your data and practice safe! We provide 24/7/365 support, we are always just a phone call away. Providing a quick and proactive response to your cybersecurity and other IT needs. Click here for a Free Network Assessment.

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