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Atlanta, Georgia, is a city known as the birthplace of Motown. Specific tax laws and political movements have increased the growth of this city. With growth comes everything that people need, these needs include healthcare practices. As practices have started popping up all over the city, those practices will need specific services to ensure they can provide care for their patients. One service, in particular, is healthcare IT solutions. Practices need IT solutions for infrastructure, cybersecurity, and technology.

Don’t fret; here at Medicus IT, we have been providing personalized IT solutions for healthcare practices for over fifteen years. The dedication we provide to our clients has cemented our place in the top five healthcare-specific Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the nation. We obtained this position through our one of a kind business approach. We start by listening to our clients to understand their needs and concerns. No two healthcare practices are alike, and here at Medicus IT, we understand this. Next, we devise a plan to design, create, and implement IT solutions to accomplish our client’s goals. From there, we provide solutions for customer infrastructure design, unique storage solutions that include hard storage and cloud storage, and tailor-made scripts designed to solve even the toughest of healthcare IT issues. Not only do we provide exceptional IT solutions, but everything we do incorporates HIPAA compliance at all levels to ensure your protected and your patient’s data is safe. “We do IT Right” so that you can do what you do best: take care of your patients.

Is your practice moving to the Atlanta area? Do you have healthcare IT concerns? Are you 100% sure your practice is HIPAA compliant? If you answered yes to any of these questions, reach out to our professionals here at Medicus IT so we can help create the IT solutions you need. For a free network, assessment follow the link below



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