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Medical practices looking for IT support services in Roswell, general Healthcare IT, or cybersecurity solutions need look no further than Medicus IT. The handling of confidential patient information is no light matter. Every day we hear stories of private practices, large corporations, and  government agencies that have been hacked or subjected to data breaches. In some cases, these entities have had their information held hostage and have been forced to pay ransom to regain access to their data. Medical records are particularly sensitive in nature and if not handled properly can subject you to significant legal and regulatory issues.  Medicus IT has the expertise to not only keep your office systems running smoothly, but also the understanding of HIPAA regulations and compliance to keep your office safe.

If your office needs to be more efficient and is concerned about security, turn to Medicus IT for application integration solutions and advice. Third party software that doesn’t communicate with other solutions can cause you to waste time and resources on the clumsy manual conversion of data. Furthermore, every time you move data from one database to another you increase the risk of mistakes, data breaches, and other problems. Healthcare IT is a specialized field and you need the strength and knowledge of the number one IT support services provider in Roswell on your side! We will also do a thorough review of your current system as part of our risk assessment process.  Highlighting potential vulnerabilities or improvements to be made. In addition, you will get monthly reports from Medicus IT showing how we protected your data from hackers and data thieves.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to defend your patient’s privacy. Loss of data means legal and HIPAA exposure for your practice. Medicus IT is the healthcare IT, cybersecurity, and IT support services provider for Roswell. Call us today for a free assessment!

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