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Discerning customers seeking IT support services in Sandy Springs as well as cybersecurity solutions or general healthcare IT implementation know they can rely on Medicus IT for all their healthcare IT needs. Does your business deal with a lot of sensitive patient data? Are you worried about being hacked? Medicus IT can help. Our cybersecurity experts understand the risk you have as a medical practice.

At Medicus IT we are intimately familiar with the rules and regulations affecting healthcare. We will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to determine any vulnerabilities you might have as well as seamlessly integrating different applications to make sure the client experience is the best possible.  Healthcare IT requires a skillful touch and special knowledge. If your car had a transmission problem would you take it to a tire shop? In the same way you shouldn’t trust just any IT solutions provider with securing your systems and electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). Medicus IT has the expertise you need!

The legal and regulatory environment of medical care can be challenging. Medical professionals who want the very best IT support services in Sandy Springs turn to the knowledgeable staff at Medicus IT. We also have the experts in HIPAA security and compliance to eliminate threats to the security of your ePHI. HIPAA regulations are stringent and failing to comply can result in serious penalties and government sanctions. As part of our service you will also receive comprehensive monthly reports detailing events and how Medicus IT has addressed them.

Don’t get caught by surprise, get Medicus IT on your side for all your healthcare IT needs! Medicus IT is the best choice for IT support services in Sandy Springs and for robust cybersecurity solutions. Call us today so that we can get started securing your patient information and protecting you against data thieves, hackers, and other criminals!

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