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Like all healthcare organizations, Georgia-based Advanced Urology found itself scrambling to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. See how Medicus IT helped Advanced Urology to successfully transition to a remote workforce and avoid operational disruptions.

ASCs are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Surgery centers collect and store vast amounts of sensitive personal information. This is highly valued as it can be used for identity theft, blackmail and extortion. Learn how you can take your cybersecurity to the next level even on a smaller budget. Our very own Nelson Gomes discussing this topic and more in our most recent white paper.

Organizations of all types often struggle with IT budgeting. While often viewed as one big mass, an IT budget comprises many elements you need to consider.

Would you like to learn more about what to include in your healthcare IT budget to keep your organization on track?

As many organizations begin to open back up in a post-COVID-19 world the Cloud has become a form of technology that you can no longer overlook. Telehealth, remote work, and other technologies that enhance the interoperability and communication within your organization are a must-have.

As ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are emerging from the health crisis, they are working to determine the safest and most effective approach to delivering elective procedures while remaining mindful of looming challenges, such as surging COVID-19 cases and the potential for a second wave.

As businesses reopen across the country many are re-evaluating the services they currently utilize. Cutting many of them while investing more in others that have helped their business survive through the last few months.

Cybersecurity remains a hot topic in healthcare, learn how to create a culture of security within your organization. Medicus IT  and  Surgical Information Systems has partnered up to help you learn how cybersecurity starts with the leadership within your organization and simple, yet effective, ways to involve all departments in your organization’s culture of security.

While the summer is usually a time to rest and recharge, practice executives should use this time to consider how a second wave might affect their practice’s cash flow, financial obligations, staffing plans, and operational continuity.  Developing a contingency plan today for a potential second slowdown or closure will help ensure your practice survives and even thrives.

Many VBC participants are asking the government to “pause” downside risk. Will CMS and private payers take a surgical approach to solving the COVID risk puzzle, or will value-based care suffer a major if not irreparable setback?

With the end of the emergency phase of this epidemic in sight, we now turn our attention to the recovery phase.

Now that the worst of the health crisis is hopefully behind us, practices are working to resume and ramp up services. But planning a return to a busy in-person patient schedule once the pandemic surge has passed in your community is uncharted territory.

COVID-19 has brought fear and uncertainty into our communities and left many medical practices questioning what they should expect in the months ahead.

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