8 Pediatric Office Decor Ideas to Make Your Practice More Welcoming

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Going to the doctor can be a little scary for everybody. However, for young children, fear of going to the doctor is much more prevalent.

For example, a recent study showed that 50 percent of children ages 2-5 fear going to the doctor. Not only is going to the doctor a difficult time for these kids, but it can also be stressful for their parents as well. Parents are the ones who have to try and calm down their children so that they can get a check-up or shot (the most common reason for being scared to go to the doctor for kids is overwhelmingly the fear of getting a shot).

While patience is required with many of these kids in terms of waiting for them to calm down, you can help facilitate their comfort by creating a warm and inviting office.

So, to help you create a more kid-friendly pediatric office, here are eight decor tips to make your practice more welcoming.

The Quintessential Aquarium

Studies have shown watching fish in aquariums can bring a sense of calmness and help people relax. It’s no wonder why so many doctors’ offices have them. So, if you haven’t already, consider investing in a nice, quality aquarium with bright-colored and vibrant fish. If you already have an aquarium in your office, see if it could maybe use a little sprucing up. An old, dark fish tank with a few lonely fish won’t be as effective as a nicer aquarium.

Go All-Out With a Waiting Room Theme

Space, jungle, dinosaurs — the options are endless in terms of implementing them within your pediatric doctors’ office. Imagination Design Studio has all the inspiration you need to create and implement a fun and friendly environment for your office.

If you can create a space that kids will be excited to go to, you can help distract them and reduce their anxiety — especially when compared to a dull old white office.

Have a Designated Movie Area

Playing movies in the corner of your office is a fantastic way to help kids relax. Playing a familiar movie that most kids love, or a festive one during the holidays will undoubtedly help ease any worries young children may have.

By creating a designated movie corner for kids, you can give them the option to watch or not. Beanbags are encouraged as well so that they can be comfy while watching.

Comfortable Chairs To Help Them Relax

No one likes sitting in an uncomfortable chair for too long, even kids. By making sure that your chairs are comfortable to sit in, you can help make their time waiting in the office more enjoyable. Take a look here for some office furniture that can replace your older, less comfortable chairs.

Add Some (Green) Life to Your Office

Adding some green life to your office by adding some plants in your office can help reduce stress and boost moods. Many offices across all industries are adding plants as part of their decor, and if you haven’t already joined the movement, today is the day to start.

Play Sections For Waiting

Sometimes the best thing for a child who is stressed out is to play. Having play sections where kids can play with toys, work on puzzles, or draw and color while they wait is a great way to give them something to take their mind off being at the doctor.

Proper Signage and Directions

Signage may seem like a small thing, but for kids who can read, knowing where the bathrooms are and where the examination rooms are will help them familiarize themselves with the office. A doctor’s office can seem scary for young kids, especially when they don’t know where everything is. Without signs, the waiting room may seem like space where they are trapped in, and there is nowhere to go.

Appropriate Lighting

Having proper lighting is another small detail that isn’t exactly a decor choice, but it can have positive effects for kids visiting your offices. You can read more about how having the right kind of lighting can help create a calm environment for both kids and adults coming in for a visit.

Friendly Staff

A friendly staff isn’t a decor option either, but it is essential for creating a welcoming and inviting environment for your office. Making sure that your staff is being kind and friendly to kids in your office will help ease any stress they may have and will help calm their nerves as well.

Take the Time to Invest in Your Healthcare Practice

Treating all your patients with kindness and respect — no matter their age — is a must if you want your organization to succeed.

But creating a quality healthcare organization goes beyond treating your patients right. Every detail of your organization should exude quality and professionalism — whether it’s the technology you use or your IT systems, make sure to invest in all the details that make your practice function.

If you’re looking to improve your healthcare IT, reach out to Medicus IT today. We’ll help ensure your IT systems are running smoothly, and we will work with you to prevent malware and ransomware and other types of data breaches, to keep your patients’ data safe.



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