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Are you concerned about the security or reliability of your systems?

Medicus IT specializes in healthcare, so we work with new practices every day who have questions about the overall health and security of their networks.

Let us worry about the IT stuff so you can focus on your business!

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary Network Assessment, where we perform a detailed audit of your IT systems, comparing against guidelines for industry best practices using an unobtrusive tool to identify any gaps.

We will then deliver an objective, unbiased report of our expert findings to you and your stakeholders in person (or via telephone) so that you understand any ways your network performance can be increased and your security tightened. We can also help your business determine the best course of action to take depending on what the assessment uncovers.

From the moment I was told about Chris Jann and contracted the Medicus team, they have been an integral part of starting and maintaining our Pediatric office. I am eternally grateful for them and their professionalism. Shout out for the constant guidance needed in this ever evolving digital world (all encompassing IT too, what type of computer/scanner/phone/email/back up — overwhelming). With governmental regulations, security concerns and business management for a busy pediatric office, their help has consistently remained invaluable for management of our IT healthcare world. Very grateful.

– Grayson Pediatrics

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What is a network assessment?

Our network assessment involves taking an in-depth look at your IT systems. We’ll audit your entire system and compare our results with the guidelines for industry best practices to find areas for improvement. 


What does Medicus IT do with the results of a network assessment? 

Once the assessment is complete, we’ll report our unbiased findings to you and your stakeholders. That way, we can clearly illustrate where improvements can and where security can be tightened. 


What are the benefits of a network assessment? 

Not only will you gain valuable insight into your IT systems and finding areas for development in your security. But, the improvement of your systems after receiving the report from your network assessment will provide invaluable confidence that your network is safe and secure.

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