Encryption & Management

HIPAA Compliant Data Encryption Services for Medical Practices

Medicus IT offers encryption and management solutions to keep your data safe and secure 24/7. 

Your business requires protection and our encryption solutions provide just that.

We can secure and encrypt iPads, Android devices, Windows & Mac PCs, and USB storage devices to give your business the ultimate level of device security.

Hackers never rest…why should your IT company?

Computer Encryption

Computer encryption protects confidential and sensitive information, which adds a level of security for a practice’s or company’s critical data.

By using computer encryption, we’re able to centrally manage your laptops and desktops and policies to increase protection, decrease the likelihood of security and confidentiality breaches, and comply fully with government and industry regulations.

USB Encryption

USB storage devices are portable and inexpensive which makes them a favorable asset to businesses to store and transport data. However, this convenient data storage solution can also be the biggest threat to a business’s data.

Our USB encryption solution is designed to provide an organizational security and control of data while balancing usability and employee productivity.

Our unique USB solution allows you to remotely secure the vulnerable devices in your organization – including those owned by employees.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device security is just as important as securing your office network and systems, especially if you use mobile devices to access or send sensitive information such as patient data.
MDM enables you to manage mobile devices from any location by:

  • Remotely locking and clearing any memory of potentially lost or stolen devices
  • Determining physical locations of missing devices
  • Setting and enforcing security policies

With our MDM solution should you ever lose your mobile device then any sensitive information can be quickly wiped from your device to protect your company data!

Email Encryption

With email encryption you can feel confident that every email you send is secure!

Email encryption protects your message data from the time it leaves your computer to the time of its retrieval—your message data is never stored in an un-encrypted format. Our solution fully encrypts your email to protect you and your business.

With email encryption you can control who sees your emails as well as know when the recipient has received and viewed your email.

Our email encryption solution can easily be integrated with existing technology, and is easily accessible through any browser and has dedicated apps for all popular devices, including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone.

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