Vulnerability Scanning

Address security vulnerabilities.

During every risk assessment your practice will need to perform a vulnerability scan. This process is meant to uncover weak points in your perimeter security and allows you to address them proactively, lessening the chance of an intruder gaining access to your network.

Vulnerability scanning applies best-in-class security tools and techniques to expose potential points hackers could exploit to gain access to your network.

Medicus IT specializes in HIPAA and can work with or provide third-party compliance consultants to conduct a risk assessment for your practice. We can answer any technical questions that are raised during the assessment, and can assist with implementing technical controls to help ensure your practice is adhering to HIPAA guidelines for best practice. It is only through regular assessments and testing that you can ensure that you are minimizing your exposure to attack so that your electronic patient health information (ePHI) is safe and secure.

Medicus not only resolves our ‘acute’ issues, but solves the underlying issues and works to develop processes and solutions that will keep our IT operating efficiently each day. They have been quick to respond to our issues, and most of the time triages our issues as we would. We have a complicated system with multiple sites, Windows/Mac operating systems, Dragon, Cloud-based software/storage. We are comfortable that Medicus keeps us HIPAA compliant, too.

– PMG Medical Services, LLC

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