Monthly Reporting

Different people digest information in different ways.

Understanding this fact, we provide clients with varying forms and amounts of communication so you can stay informed monthly, weekly, or even daily.

We created Medi-Reporting, a HIPAA compliance reporting service, to provide you with as much or as little detail as you want about the medical IT services to which you are subscribed.

Healthcare is becoming part of information technology.

Bill Maris

Regular reporting is also important in the case of an unexpected audit. You can rest assured that you will be able to quickly provide the required information to comply with an auditor’s requests such as:

  • Security patch history
  • Antivirus updates
  • Backup compliance

It’s just one more way Medicus is staying ahead of the healthcare IT support and compliance curve.

Internal Security Measures Are Extremely Important

Most security breaches happen because of uninformed staff members or negligence. It’s important to provide training to your staff members to reduce the likelihood of a breach.

Documentation and Reporting

Each practice should have regular logging/reporting of the following items to ensure that the practice’s systems are protected:

  • Antivirus Reporting
  • Patch/Security Reporting
  • Firewall/Security Reporting
  • Backup Reporting
  • Hardware Reporting/Mapping
  • Hard Drive Destruction Certification Certificates
  • System/User Access Periodic Reporting

Examples of negligence that have led to security breaches (and hefty fines!) include losing a work laptop or failing to password protect accounts which have access to PHI.

Think you had a breach?

Implement your breach response plan:

  • Designate one individual to handle the process
  • Call your IT department of consultants
  • Call an attorney
  • Call local law enforcement and/or FBI
  • Protect data from further breach
  • Protect evidence (good and bad) for forensic analysis
  • Begin breach risk assessment

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