The Greenway Migration and What It Means For You.


Medicus IT is dedicated to providing the best service we can for our clients. This first-class service isn’t easy and requires us to enlist the help of other, top notch companies along the way. One company that we partnered with early in the life of our company was Greenway Health.

Greenway Health has been a great partner helping us provide Electronic Health Record and Practice Management software solutions for our clients. More specifically, Greenway Health has been on a journey to be the leading innovator in ambulatory care. As with any journey, decisions are made based on the information that is available at the time. Their journey for innovation has led them to develop and ultimately move to a new platform called Intergy.

With this migration to a new platform some practices have voiced their concerns that Intergy is not ideal for their practices right now. For clients that are in this position there are a few options available.

  1. For customer who wish to remain on -premise the option is to buy a new server and have your Prime Suite instance moved to that server. These practices would need to upgrade to Prime Suite version 00.00.20 to be Windows 2012 compatible.
  2. Greenway Health recommends that all practices migrate to their Prime Suite +S solution. The +S option will prevent initial out of pocket hardware expenses for the server. This new Prime Suite +S solution provides enhanced security features that are not normally available with an on-premise solution
  3. If none of these options fit your practices unique situation then Medicus IT can help provide you practice with a customized EHR and Practice Management solution through our cloud services. With help from some of our largest cloud-based storage partners we have developed our own cloud storage system. This system can be customized to fit your practices unique needs and ensures your patients confidentiality remains secure.

Whether your practice choose to migrate to one of the Greenway Health options or decides to explore the cloud based options here at Medicus IT, we will be here to help with the process. Data migrations can be stressful, especially when it involves highly sensitive, confidential information such as health records, but here at Medicus IT “We take care of you, so you can do what you do best, take care of your patients.”

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