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The data you collect is only as valuable as the good you do with it. But siloed systems and software that don’t communicate well with each other doesn’t make it easy.

Medicus IT understands the issues and impact of technology in healthcare and dedicates itself to helping practices turn the information they collect into insight that can improve revenue, outcomes, and patient experience.

Practice Management EHR

Practice Management EHR

We help in implementing your EHR and managing, updating, and leveraging the data lying within the financial and logistics software that keeps your practice running. We also address the management of secure information exchange between systems from your EHR to Lab and beyond.

Managed Security

Integrated Workflow

Expert clinical communications strategy and workflow design that aligns your technology with your day to day operations. Our goal: ensuring connectivity between all the systems that keep your practice moving, all designed to keep you focused on treating patients rather than triaging IT.

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Good use of data and a good understanding of strategic communications is the key to enhanced patient engagement—and satisfaction. Let Medicus’s healthcare expertise help you reach out and reach more patients, meaningfully.

Data & Analytics

Data Analytics

Much of the information your practice collects is unstructured, and therefore less than useful. We help leverage the data you collect to lift up your practice, with evidence-based, personalized, actionable insights that can improve the process, patient outcomes, and your bottom line.

Healthcare IT Transformation

Healthcare IT Transformation

When it’s time to grow, your technology must bloom along with you. From planning for new facilities to aligning your business and your IT goals, Medicus IT can help guide transformation, creating smooth transitions and minimizing tech-related growing pains.

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Hear from Our Clients

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We have used Medicus IT since going on our EMR system in 2008. They have provided wonderful service to us over the last decade. They are always professional, prompt, and keep us up and running. We rely on them totally for all of our IT needs. Can’t say enough how much we appreciate their excellent customer service!

– Pediatrics Specialist in Georgia

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Medicus continues to provide stellar IT support to our practice. Their staff is always responsive and knowledgeable; they know how to address issues proactively thereby limiting disruptions to our network. When problems do arise, they handle them expeditiously and professionally allowing our physicians and staff to focus on caring for our patients.

– Internal Medicine Specialist in Georgia

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Medicus not only resolves our ‘acute’ issues, but solves the underlying issues and works to develop processes and solutions that will keep our it operating efficiently each day. They have been quick to respond to our issues, and most of the time triages our issues as we would. We have a complicated system with multiple sites, windows/mac operating systems, dragon, cloud-based software/storage. We are comfortable that Medicus keeps us HIPAA compliant, too.

– Medical Services Consultant in Georgia

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Being one of the early Medicus clients, we are proud to say that we have the best IT team to support our day to day functions. With their growth over the years, we continue to receive their undivided attention as we did on day one. The entire team is professional, knowledgeable, and will advise you on any IT decisions you make. Ignore all other solicitations and call Medicus!

– Dermatology Specialist in Georgia

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From the moment I was told about Chris Jann and contracted the Medicus team, they have been an integral part of starting and maintaining our pediatric office. I am eternally grateful for them and their professionalism. Shout out for the constant guidance needed in this ever-evolving digital world (all-encompassing it too, what type of computer/scanner/phone/email/back up — overwhelming). With governmental regulations, security concerns, and business management for a busy pediatric office, their help has consistently remained invaluable for management of our IT healthcare world. Very grateful.

– Pediatrics Specialist in Florida

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Medicus IT became a huge lifesaver at a time our practice needed it most. Being in healthcare, we really needed a company that knew now only how to provide IT services and technology for us but also knew the rules and regulations affecting healthcare today. Within a year, Medicus IT worked with us to upgrade, fix, and correct our issues by level of importance and really helped us get to a level where we felt comfortable knowing that our data was protected. I have been immensely impressed with their support and honesty and have truly become business partners rather than just clients. There isn’t a business out there I wouldn’t jump at the chance to recommend their services to. I wish we would have switched to them sooner.

– Dermatology Specialist in Florida

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We have been with Medicus for over three years now. We previously had our own it department, then moved to an outside IT service, and then another, and then found Medicus. They have been phenomenal! They respond quickly to tickets and calls, their techs are super nice, professional, and patient, and the price is right. Gone are the days of hearing “the server is down” for hours or you can’t access the program that makes or breaks your business. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new IT solution!

– Legal Specialist in New jersey

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As a HIPAA & MU compliance servicing organization, we work with a lot of IT companies around the country&emdash;our experience with Medicus IT stands out above the rest. Not only is Medicus more up-to-date on the HIPAA regulations than any other it company we have seen, they also help protect their clients through education and technology.
In my opinion, you would be hard-pressed to find an IT partner that can provide better service or knowledge than the team at Medicus IT.

– Healthcare Finance Specialist in New York

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We have been a Medicus client for many years. We have grown through the years and so have they and I know how hard it is to keep up great service when you are in growth mode. Medicus has done a tremendous job of not only keeping up with service but actually improving it every year. I have commented before that I have never called in and talked to anyone that isn’t super nice, appreciative of our business, and extremely knowledgeable. It is obvious that from the top-down, customer service is number one. They have an incredible company culture which I appreciate and it results in great service to their clients. There is no need to look anywhere else.

– Human Resources Consultants in Georgia

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We have been using Medicus IT for our IT needs since 2006. Chris and his team take care of us promptly. The employees are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. When we need new equipment (computers, monitors, servers, etc) Medicus ensures we a great deal and install the new items without problems. Whatever we need, they provide! We especially love all of the monitoring they do of our servers so as soon one sends an alert they contact us so we can deal accordingly. I would recommend them to any size business. Our computers are the backbone of our business and I want the best company in town to support mine! Medicus it is the best!

– Automotive Specialist in Arizona

Medicus IT

Is it Time to Focus on Your Practice’s Technology Wellness?