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Medicus IT’s mission is to better the healthcare industry experience for practices and patients, turning tech that’s a burden into systems and proactive solutions that make a real difference every day.



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When Medicus IT founder Chris Jann worked for a popular electronic medical records provider, he found himself surrounded by IT groups who didn’t understand the challenges of healthcare IT—and often gave their medical practice clients less than stellar advice about where to put their money and effort. He figured, “There has to be a better way.” In 2004, he created it, forming Medicus Solutions to help his former clients (and many others across the US’s eastern seaboard) get preventive with their healthcare IT solutions.

In 2008, the startup side-business became a full-time job, and the growth was only beginning.

From Solutions to

Better IT for Healthcare

In 2017, Medicus Solutions took on venture capital to grow its business and evolved its name to meet its strategic purpose as the Healthcare IT Expert, becoming Medicus IT.

With a strategic focus on helping medical practitioners better serve patients by creating better IT solutions, we set out to expand our expertise and enhance our ability to help practices operate more effectively by acquiring the best and brightest companies and personalities in the medical-focused IT arena.

More Coverage

More Critical Expertise

Between January 2019 and March 2020, we acquired a series of boutique IT companies around the US, expanding our reach outside the east coast and broadening our expertise. With the acquisition of ISD of Phoenix, Medicus gained a new President (Steve Losefsky) and a powerful tech resource team with deep healthcare experience. In 2019 came Computech City out of Orlando, giving us additional cloud hosting and cloud services experience. Priority 1C Group from Newark, NJ were the next to become part of the family, bringing with them hundreds of combined years of healthcare informatics experience. Finally, we made our first move into the Midwest with the acquisition of Nexus Practice IT Ohio in March 2020, preparing our service stack to include VOIP.

Our Vision

for the Future

We continue to claim top spots among managed service providers, but we will never stop climbing. Our ultimate vision is to not just be a “top 1% service provider,” but to never stop innovating, driving up the quality of service, and spreading out across the entire United States.

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