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Medicus IT is the Healthcare IT Specialist

In a world of generalist IT practitioners, we get IT for healthcare. From fire-drill fixes to strategic insights that prevent the need for a reactive approach. Supporting clinical workflows and processes that improve experiences from the front desk to the back office to the waiting room.


We know that IT should be a benefit to your practice, not a burden, and that preventive care is the key to wellness for your practice’s patients as well as its technology.

Managed IT Services

Regular, in-depth check-ups for your most critical systems that take the burden off of in-house IT, keeping you not only up and running but updated with the latest technologies. Like an everyday physical for all your technology, from electronic health records systems to practice management, vendor relationships, and more.

Professional Services

High-impact, practice-wide healthcare information technology consulting, strategy recommendations, and assessments that help identify gaps in your current technology systems, plus strategies for growth, merger, or simply evolving with the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Security & Compliance

Expert assistance managing practice security and compliance with offerings at every level of practice operations, from vulnerability and risk assessment to dark web monitoring and remediation planning.

Cloud Services

Creation and maintenance of a secure cloud environment that is flexible, secure, compliant, and offers your practice the ability to get just as much or as little support as needed. Our dedicated support team assists healthcare providers with cloud readiness assessments, migration, backup, and real-time file replication that keeps you in business even if your office goes offline.

Value Based IT Solutions

Forward-thinking, specialized healthcare IT services and solutions that help practices unlock and utilize the wealth of data hidden in their siloed systems. Let us help you leverage your technology to improve clinical outcomes, caregiver productivity, and overall patient experience.


Preventive. Strategic. Deeply Experienced.

Medicine is full of specialists. IT is typically...not. Medicus IT, however, is the Healthcare IT solutions specialist: entirely focused on helping healthcare organizations make the most of their technology. We work much like you do: tuned to a bigger picture of overall health—for your systems and your data, anticipating issues and keeping abreast of security challenges rather than simply reacting when a problem arises.

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