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Our Executive Team

Your strategic partners in the future of healthcare

At Medicus, we aren’t just the leaders in healthcare IT. We’re the trailblazers forging the path necessary for healthcare organizations, medical practices, and community-based health centers to leverage technology to provide the very best in patient care delivery – bar none.

Driven by innovation and fueled by unparalleled vision, our leadership team provides the unmatched, industry-shaping talent and technical expertise your organization needs to grow, transform, and position itself at the forefront of healthcare, now and in the future.

We are the partner of choice in the healthcare technology space and look to provide the ultimate service as your trusted advisor.

Chris Jann

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Steve Losefsky

Chief Technology Officer

Sunita Arora

Chief Operating Officer

West Ferry

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Jann

Virtual Chief Information Officer (CHPSE)

Tony Niemotka

Executive Vice President of Community Health

Mike Sweeney

Healthcare Transformational Leader

Daniel Livschutz

SVP of Business Development

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Why Work with Medicus?

Focused Exclusively on Healthcare

Connect with a Team of IT Specialists

Medicus is the predominant healthcare information technology transformational specialist. Healthcare organizations across the country seek us out for our expertise to help them achieve their operational and transformational goals and objectives.

Comprehensive Onboarding

Service transitioning is the first step in the managed services journey. We offer a detailed and comprehensive approach to onboarding new clients that avoids shortcuts and ensures a seamless experience.

Personalized, Turn-Key, & Scalable Solutions

Whether you require fully outsourced IT or help with migration to the cloud, we offer customizable solutions to help you mitigate risk, make informed decisions, and prepare your practice or healthcare organization to scale.

Serve Patients Faster
See more patients in the same amount of time with efficient network improvements, EMR/EHR support, 24/7 environment monitoring, end-user support, and a broad range of other managed services.
Access Advanced Technology

At Medicus IT, we are committed to helping healthcare organizations leverage technology to optimize patient care. We help our partners run their operations, grow their processes, and transform their practices by providing solutions beyond your traditional IT.

Work with any EMR
We support your preferred EMR/EHR — even if it’s a lesser-known one.

Our values

Medicus’ goals revolve around providing world-class service and breakthrough innovations in IT to healthcare organizations, practices, community health centers, providers, and the patients they serve. However, none of this would be possible without our firm dedication to our greatest foundation and guiding star — our values.

At Medicus, we believe in continuous growth, positivity, and taking responsibility for the outcomes we create. We strive to incorporate these core values in everything that we do.

Do the right thing

Encourage improvement and innovation

Cultivate positivity

Take ownership and deliver results