New Members of the Medi-Family!

We are only halfway through the year and Medicus IT is acquiring so many new clients that we need for more help at all three offices. As we fill these needs with highly qualified professionals we think it’s important to keep our clients updated with the new faces of the people who will be helping...
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The Greenway Migration and What It Means For You.

  Medicus IT is dedicated to providing the best service we can for our clients. This first-class service isn’t easy and requires us to enlist the help of other, top notch companies along the way. One company that we partnered with early in the life of our company was Greenway Health. Greenway Health has been...
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biggest data breaches

Biggest Healthcare Data Breaches (And What You Can Learn From Them)

Medical records are extremely enticing to hackers and thieves for two main reasons. According to Pat Calhoun, senior vice president of network security at Intel Security in an interview with The Atlantic, one reason is that medical information has a higher black market value than credit card information. While you can cancel a credit card,...
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Security Tips for the HIPAA Compliant Practice

Medical practices are quickly getting a dose of reality on how critical it has become to protect information systems in the wake of the city of Atlanta ransomware attack this past march. An attack that caused courthouse documents and services, like payment processing, to become inaccessible for consumers. Costs quickly add up to respond, correct,...
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Scamming Techniques: 5 Examples and How to Avoid Them

It comes as no surprise that not everyone out there is acting in the best interest of your business. If you’re the owner of any type of business, no matter how big or small, odds are someone has attempted to scam you and your company. It’s not a great feeling either, and unfortunately, scammers are...
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Will Blockchain Transform Healthcare?

There is no disagreeing with the fact that we are in the golden age of technology. It seems new technology is introduced every few years or even months. Fortunately, many of these new devices, platforms, and software are being used to try and solve an issue. One of the recent tech buzzwords you may have...
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Medicus IT and CompuTech City Join Forces

We are excited to announce that CompuTech City has joined forces with Atlanta based Medicus IT effective April 11th, 2019. By uniting these two Managed Service Providers (MSPs), the combined Medicus IT (MIT) organization further establishes its position as one of the largest healthcare-focused MSPs nationwide. “The new affiliation further grows our access to technical...
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Business Continuity: Creating a Plan of Action During a Crisis

Life is full of ups and downs and twists and turns. And, when it comes to operating a business, expecting the unexpected is the best way to secure your company for success down the line. That’s why it is paramount that every business has a business continuity plan. These plans are designed to help a company...
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Is Your Data as Safe as You Think?

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