Nelson Gomes

Executive Vice President of Business Development

Nelson Gomes is an accomplished healthcare IT executive with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He passionately advocates for leveraging technology to enhance patient care while transforming the business of healthcare. Currently, Nelson serves as the Executive Vice President of Business Development at Medicus IT, where he spearheads business growth and development initiatives.

Nelson’s journey in healthcare IT began with the founding of PriorityOne Group in 1997, a premier provider of healthcare IT services and solutions. Under his leadership, PriorityOne Group grew to become a recognized leader in the industry, pioneering innovative solutions that enabled healthcare organizations to utilize technology for improving patient care, optimizing operations, and managing costs.

In his current role at Medicus IT, Nelson is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations navigate the complex landscape of healthcare IT and to delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth and improve patient care. Nelson is passionate about cultivating strong business relationships with clients, partners, and healthcare industry leaders and values the opportunity to collaborate with the exceptional team at Medicus IT. His contributions reflect a deep-seated drive to revolutionize the healthcare landscape through the strategic use of technology.

Nelson Gomes is a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader in the healthcare IT industry. His expertise, frequently shared at conferences and events, spans a wide range of topics including healthcare IT trends, ambulatory practice consolidation, building frameworks for growth and scalability, cybersecurity, and innovative transformations.
His authoritative insights and deep understanding of the healthcare industry have earned him multiple invitations to contribute to industry-related articles and podcasts. Nelson’s influence continues to shape the landscape of healthcare IT, further enhancing its growth and evolution.

Outside his professional sphere, Nelson’s dedication to positive impact extends to his active involvement in various charitable organizations. He cherishes giving back to his community. When he is not working, Nelson enjoys spending quality time with his family, staying active, and rooting for his favorite soccer team. He savors great meals with friends and family, making every moment count.