Single Sign On

SSO – The Single, Simple Solution for Improving Productivity and Security

How to use security to increase efficiency for everyone at your healthcare organization, including your IT department.

Doesn’t everybody hate online security? It’s intrusive. it’s frustrating. And it’s a daily frustration for your team. Just ask them:

  • When was the last time anyone’s daily activity ground to a halt because of a forgotten password?
  • How often has a weak password opened the organization to liability and regulatory penalty?
  • Are you repeatedly stunned by poor practices – like lists of passwords on sticky-notes – that put sensitive patient data at risk?

Healthcare organizations need a better approach to password management. They need secure, single sign-on (SSO) logins. SSO solutions enable each user to have just one login, which credentials every app, website, and data resource authorized for each user. Even better, proper SSO solutions are more secure than traditional passwords, and easier to administer by IT staff.

These operational, financial, and security benefits come from the right SSO implementation and management practices. Download [Unlock Productivity, Efficiency, and Interoperability], a guide to SSO for healthcare from Medicus IT. You’ll learn how SSO can support organizational transformation and common SSO pitfalls to avoid, as well as how to purchase and manage the best solution for your team.

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