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We offer cloud storage solutions that are HIPAA compliant.

What is cloud hosting?

“Cloud hosting” refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications hosted, delivered, and accessed remotely rather than on a local server or personal computer. Cloud services are typically provided as either pay-as-you-go and/or tiered flat-rate pricing models.

Why do I need the cloud?

Imagine being able to access company information at any time and from anywhere—even on the weekends at home, if you feel so inclined. Moving critical systems to the cloud can help increase your practice’s availability and uptime.

The cloud allows you to access dedicated servers for your business without the headache of having to purchase and manage your own equipment.

How we can help

We proudly offer Medi-Cloud by partnering with industry leaders to provide a virtual hosting solution that enables you to operate your entire server infrastructure remotely in the cloud.

By increasing company access and connectivity through Medi-Cloud, you can increase your team members’ productivity and collaboration regardless of their physical location, while mitigating business costs and risks of acquiring expensive on‑site server.

While HIPAA regulations require that a patient’s electronic protected healthcare information (ePHI) be kept safe and secure, as well as accessible to authorized medical personnel in the course of administering critical care. Our Medi-Could solutions increases uptime and availability.

Download our HIPAA Compliance info sheet to find out more about our solutions.

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