Health Industry Cybersecurity Strategic Plan (HIC-SP)

It will come as no surprise that cybersecurity has been a consistent topic of discussion within the healthcare industry, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. The threat landscape is constantly changing, making one feel overwhelmed with no idea where to start. The Health Sector Coordinating Council recently released a strategic plan to set the course over the next 5 years to help bring stability to the healthcare industry in the face of this ever-changing landscape.

The Health Industry Cybersecurity Strategic Plan for the years 2024-2029 outlines a comprehensive framework aimed at enhancing the cybersecurity posture of the health sector. This strategic plan is a collaborative effort between government agencies, private sector entities, and stakeholders within the healthcare community.

Key Objectives:

  1. Stable Condition: Upgrade healthcare cybersecurity from “critical” to “stable condition.”
  2. Reflexive and Evolving: Ensure that healthcare cybersecurity is reflexive, evolving, accessible, documented, and implemented.
  3. Shared Responsibility: Promote secure design and implementation of technology across the ecosystem as a shared responsibility.
  4. C-Suite Accountability: Encourage healthcare C-suite leaders to embrace cybersecurity as an enterprise risk and technology imperative.
  5. Equity and Learning: Establish a cyber safety net for under-resourced health organizations and prioritize workforce cybersecurity learning.
  6. 911 Cyber Civil Defense: Develop a capability for early warning, incident response, and recovery.

We know that collaboration with key stakeholders will be essential in achieving the objectives set forth in this plan. It is critical to get buy-in from the entire organization to make a joint effort to enhance the security posture of the organization. The strategic plan will be implemented through a phased approach, with clear milestones and performance indicators to help measure progress.

The Health Industry Cybersecurity Strategic Plan represents a significant step forward in securing the health sector against evolving cyber threats. Through collective effort and commitment, the health industry can anticipate a stronger, more resilient cybersecurity environment.

For further details on specific initiatives and action items, please refer to the full document here.